Julia Will


Senior Research Associate: Bioaktive Materialien und Gerüststrukturen


Investigator: Dr. Julia Will (Senior Research Associate)Dr. Julia Will

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen

Raum 02.023b

Tel.: 09131 85-25510

email: julia.will@ww.uni-erlangen.de


Main resarch areas are bioactive ceramics such as calciumphosphates (e.g. hydroxyapatite) and various types of silicate bioactive glasses and tissue engineering scaffolds made of these materials. This large group of materials has been used clinically to repair bone and bone defects due to their affinity to living human bone. One important goal of the research is the development of bioactive nanostructured scaffolds with enhanced functionalities and therapeutic behaviour for bone and osteochondral tissue engineering.