Investigation and adjustment of different hydrogel systems for application in BioPlotting
(Emerging Fields Initiative: TOPbiomat)


Investigator: Tobias Zehnder Tobias Zehnder(PhD Student)

Ulrich-Schalk-Straße 3
91056 Erlangen

room 01.112

phone: +49 (0)9131 85-69609



Supervisor: Dr.- Ing. R. Detsch,  Prof. Dr. –Ing. habil. Aldo R. Boccaccini


The concept of combining cell encapsulation in hydrogels and 3D-Plotting is called bioprinting or biofabrication. This approach enables the direct fabrication of scaffolds with relatively free shaped design and encapsulated cells inside of the structure in one step. The process parameters have to be adjusted for each hydrogel system considering the plotting process as well as the requirements of the encapsulated cells. The use of a multi-nozzle BioPlotter enables the simultaneous processing of different hydrogels, cells and growth factors. Therefore, process parameters have to be established, limits of resolution and shape of the scaffolds have to be investigated. In-vitro cell culture studies will be carried out to investigate the influence of the plotting process as well as the used material systems on the cell viability and cell morphology. Based on these results an assessment of the materials and the plotting process conditions for their usability in the context of biofabrication is possible. This research is being carried out in the context of the TOPbiomat project of the "Emerging Fields Initiative" at FAU.